Mini Digger hire Waterlooville

Mini Digger Hire Waterlooville

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 Mini Digger Hire Waterlooville

For excavation & landscaping jobs where space is limited.  Looking for 0.8T Mini digger hire waterlooville? Micro diggers are for ditching, grading, and trenching in areas where space is limited or access is restricted. They are ideal for domestic landscaping and construction and small to medium commercial applications.

The micro diggers have an adjustable track gauge, which you control hydraulically with a single-lever operation. The track closes from 860mm to 680mm in seconds, and the machine is still operable so that you can navigate it in confined spaces. With the tracks retracted, the digger can easily fit through standard doorways, gates, and corridors, allowing you to access buildings, plots, and gardens. When the tracks are fully extended, they offer 15% more stability, ideal for even surfaces or excavating tough materials.

The front blade is also adjustable, and removing just one pin will enable you to instantly fold it down in size. The rollover protective structure (ROPS) also folds down, allowing you to pass through areas his lower overhead areas or transporting it on a lorry. For extra convenience, three lifting points enable a crane to lift the digger safely and securely.

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